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I didn't find radio, radio found me. Even though it had been my father's career, I started in college as a BA Theatre major, and graduated with a BFA Theatre Administration major. While working as an external employee at the corporate headquarters of the largest insurance company, I had the opportunity to become promotional support for the Bloomington Edge, the local indoor football team. The in-game host was the co-host of the morning show on the station I grew up listening to, heritage WBNQ, and invited me onto the show to help promote the last game of the season. What started out as a short interview led to my inclusion in the rest of the show, and the show's host said that I was a natural in radio, and encouraged the program director to

Our Story

chat with me about a part-time position. A few chats later I found myself in the hands of my radio mentor, later my afternoon co-host, where I decided that this wasn't just a part-time hobby, it needed to be a full-time passion.

When I'm not radio-ing, you may find me rooting for my Chicago Cubs, Bears, or Blackhawks, training for the latest ridiculously long race I can't believe I signed up for, frequenting Starbucks, participating in a fundraiser or volunteering for something, at a concert, DJing a wedding... or perhaps just binging the latest fad on one of the many streaming services!

The photo on the right was probably one of my proudest moments... no I didn't run the FULL marathon, it was my second half-marathon. I had trained but assumed I was going to walk some. I mean, it's 13.1 miles. As I trained, I kept running longer and longer distances without walking and thought "well, maybe I could actually run the whole thing." On April 22nd, 2017, I did. For my next challenge, beating THAT time!

Half Marathon
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