Do You Wanna Do a Show Man

Around the time I joined Tim in the afternoons on WBNQ, Frozen parodies were all the rage... and pretty overdone at this point. Don't worry, we reference that, but "Do You Wanna Do a Show Man" to the tune of "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" to announce I was joining him was too good to resist.

Country Inns and Suites Nash Next Interview

During Nash Next 2017, Cumulus partnered with Country Inns and Suites, and picked a few markets to highlight local artists. Lori Lewis, the VP of Social Media for Cumulus asked if I'd do one, so a couple weeks after getting our local winners, we went live on the Country Inns and Suites Facebook page. Of all the Nash Next 2017 live interviews, this is the highest viewed!

Nash Next Artist Recruitment

After we did much better than expected in year one of the local Nash Next competition, we had a very high goal for year two. Being the person in charge of the program locally, I pulled out every last stop I had to entice recruitment, including a really dumb song that I worked entirely too long on. But if I can't make fun of myself, what am I doing in radio, right?

Three Kristins

I always loved doing the morning show, but it was always a fight for the productive part of me to get cooperation from the tired part of me and the distracted part of me, and one morning the thought of putting characters to them and acting it out dawned on me. I still feel like this is an incredibly accurate adaptation of my brain on morning show.

Nash Next Promo

The key hook of Nash Next is the guaranteed radio airplay. No other music competition can GUARANTEE your song will ever make it on the radio. This was intended to be a series of promos, where another airstaff member would be table drumming off beat, and another one was singing off key, but no one else was interested, so I made a fool of myself by myself.

Teddy Bear Drive Promo 2019

To promote the 13th year of the Teddy Bear Drive, we dug out some donations that rolled in last year after our delivery date and set them up in our front lobby! They're an awesome conversation starter when listeners come to pick up prizes, making it a great marketing tool in itself, but sharing a video of the set up spreads that message on social media.

Mannequin Challenge

When Rae Sremmurd's song got insanely popular because of this social trend, I decided we needed to do it as a building! I liked the idea of going from room to room in one continuous take, but that meant I didn't get to partake in the challenge myself, other than directing, filming, and editing!

Bobbing for Peeps

To celebrate Easter in an entertaining way on social, we did a Facebook Live while bobbing for peeps. Loser had to eat the leftover Peeps, which, if you agreed with Jim and I, was a very disgusting feat, so both of us really wanted to win!

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